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Edgar Obare: My Life is in danger after Exposing Jalango’s Boys Club Women Scandal


Edgar Obare: My Life is in danger after Exposing Jalango’s Boys Club Women Scandal

Blogger Edgar Obare has now revealed that his life is in danger after exposing a series of chats from Jalango’s Boys club, that shows infidelity of some married men.

After Obare released details of the group, the next morning saw Jalang’o and Obare feature among the biggest topics of discussion on social media platforms in the country.

But now the popular bloggers is now asking Kenyans for help and security after he received a series of threatening messages and phone calls.

“Since I exposed the Boy’s Club, I have received several phone calls and messages threatening my life. I do not actually know where they are coming from but I’m sure this has started after my expose.” He said

Popular radio presenter Jalang’o found himself in the eye of a storm on Monday, May 18 after blogger Edgar Obare published several screenshots, allegedly from a Whatsapp group with the presenter as one of its members.

Controversy stemmed from the screenshots which alleged that Jalang’o and his close friends have a group where they share images of various women, further ranking themselves based on their romantic conquests.


When the Milele Radio Presenter was reached seeking to get his side of the story which also elicited concerns on privacy and whether consent was sought before the images were shared.

“There’s no problem. Let him (Edgar Obare) keep doing what he is doing,” he stated, with the blogger having previously clashed with the presenter.

Jalang’o has previously stated that there was a hidden hand behind Obare’s pieces which were aimed at tarnishing his name and reputation.

Eelier on February Obaro said that he also feared for his life after receiving threatening calls from the presenter following an earlier exposé which involved several ladies in Mombasa and Nairobi.

Obare, who sources his information from his numerous followers, had published a story alleging that Jalang’o, a married man, was engaged in affairs with a string of women.

The presenter, however, dismissed the claims as he maintained that he was focused on his work and family, insisting that the allegations would not blur his focus.

“A blogger wakes up and posts that I called him and threatened him? That he meets me at DCI? I just laugh! From his screenshots, there is someone working really hard to try and tarnish my name.

“I will not even bother asking or following who you are who talks to bloggers and lies to them about me, just malice! pure malice!

“I have a lot on my plate to even bother with you and if you are honest about being threatened you don’t post, you report,” he responded at the time.

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