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Photos: Bahati’s Wife, Diana Exposed As One Of The Boy’s Club Loyal Customers By KOT


Photos: Bahati’s Wife, Diana Exposed As One Of The Boy’s Club Loyal Customers By KOT

Once again Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife is at the center of attack by Kenyans on twitter after she was exposed as one of the loyal customers of Boys Club associated with Jalangoo.

Diana Marua has never missed being at bthe centre stage of any scandal and once again has found herself getting involved in Boy’s Club saga after her photos surfaced on the internet.

The photos show the Bahati’s wife being candid with members of the boy’s club and this has caused reactions on the internet.

Netizens have drawn their conclusion that Diana is among the ladies who has been on the list of the women seeing the boy’s club.


Diana is also not new to controversies, she is alleged to have been involved with the Jalangoo led group although it’s yet to be determined whether it was before or after her marriage.

Netizens were quick to tag Diana’s husband on the photos with an aim of irritating the artist who is always showing off her wife on his social media platforms.

Yesterday Diana posted a on her twitter account to comment about the matter but Kenyans were so quick to dig into her past and find all the photos she had taken with the Boy’s club.

“Women who entertain their men cheating are a disgrace to the female gender. If Jalang’o Wife knew what #edgarobare exposed and she kept quiet then she is with him because of money like those girls selling their body to the boys club. Learn to respect yourself.” She said


But Several Kenyans were quick to respond to her saying that she is not better and exposed several photos mingling and hanging out with the Boys Club.

Twitter users commented;

#jalango So Diana wife to Bahati Tried to attack the Big Boys and her pics got unleashed via #jalango.Looks like she started Hoe Life Long time ago what a messed up woman.”  He said

Yesterday the Popular radio presenter Jalang’o found himself in the eye of a storm on Monday, May 18 after blogger Edgar Obare published several screenshots, allegedly from a Whatsapp group with the presenter as one of its members.

Controversy stemmed from the screenshots which alleged that Jalang’o and his close friends have a group where they share images of various women, further ranking themselves based on their romantic conquests.




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