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You Wife Diana Is In Every Filthy Scandal, Divorce Her- Ringtone Polite Advise To Bahati


You Wife Diana Is In Every Filthy Scandal, Divorce Her- Ringtone Polite Advise To Bahati

Popular Gospel Singer Ringtone Apoko has now come out clear give a sincere advice to Bahati on His wife.

He says that Diana is not a good wife since she has never missed any form of scandal exposed by Kenyans online.

She now begs Bahati to do away with Diana as a brother.

“I would give Bahati an advice as a brother to do away with this woman she has married, she is in every sex scandal in this country.

“Even after she has given Bahati kids, but she is still not holly.” Apoko Said

Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife was once again at the center of attack by Kenyans on twitter after she was exposed as one of the loyal customers of Boys Club associated with Jalangoo.


The photos show the Bahati’s wife being candid with members of the boy’s club and this has caused reactions on the internet.

Netizens have drawn their conclusion that Diana is among the ladies who has been on the list of the women seeing the boy’s club.

Diana is also not new to controversies, she is alleged to have been involved with the Jalangoo led group although it’s yet to be determined whether it was before or after her marriage.

Netizens were quick to tag Diana’s husband on the photos with an aim of irritating the artist who is always showing off her wife on his social media platforms.

Yesterday Diana posted a on her twitter account to comment about the matter but Kenyans were so quick to dig into her past and find all the photos she had taken with the Boy’s club.

The expose by several twitter handlers have exposed Diana as a very vulnerable woman and that has made Ringtone weigh on the issues.

He insisted that he is a capable of getting Bahati a new wife who fears God and do not have a dark past.

“I can get Bahati a good wife with clean past, she need not to worry. But for Diana as the chairman of Kenyan Gospel, I say NO.” Ringtone said


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