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Kisumu Woman Cries For Help After Elder Son Impregnates Two Of His Sisters As Schools Closes


Kisumu Woman Cries For Help After Elder Son Impregnates Two Of His Sisters As Schools Closes

A Devastated mother form Kisumu is publicly lamenting after her 17 year old son impregnated her two daughters in the period of lockdown.

The woman took on social media and posted a tragic tale to seek advice about what steps to take to deal with her dilemma.

According to the 47 Year old woman, the kids have been staying indoors since the schools closed and has nothing to do.

“My Kids have been indoors, I don’t allow them to go out at any point. I fear for their lives, but I’m seriously sad with what has happened to my two daughters.” She said

The woman clarified that only their cleaner girl who comes to the house to wash and clean is allowed to be home.

The woman narrating how it happened revealed that she learned that the 15-year-old daughter had pregnancy symptoms.


She confronted her after testing and confirming that she is pregnant, and admitted that she was sleeping with her elder brother, who is only 17 years old. That was when she also revealed her 13-year-old sister has also been sleeping with their brother.

Shocked and saddened, she learned that the youngest daughter is also pregnant and he is responsible as well. She approached the eldest son as politely and kindly as she could, and stated that he had slept with his sisters. In other words he’s responsible for their pregnancies.

“The boy courageously told me that he is responsible for the pregnancy, I was so much shpocked with his courage. He explained to me that he no longer has time to visit his girlfriend and had no option but to have lungula with his sisters.” The woman lamented

Today, the woman appears to be a committed Christian and her religion forbids abortion. So, she doesn’t know what to do and asks for help.


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