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Hyena ‘Eats’ Kajiado Man’s Manhood, Now Pleading With Willing Kenyan To Donate Him Another One


Hyena ‘Eats’ Kajiado Man’s Manhood, Now Pleading With Willing Kenyan To Donate Him Another One

A 26-year-old man is presently recuperating at Kajiado Referral Hospital after his manhood, legs and hands were mauled by a hyena at Isinya area.

Julius Somoire said he was herding livestock when the hyena attacked one of the cows and turned on him as he tried to protect the cow.

“The hyena wanted to eat all my cows, i had to protect the cows, but the hyena looked so aggressive. So i had to use any means necessary to protect my cows.” He said

He added that he was overwhelmed by the wild animal before being rescued by passersby; he was however left with severe injuries on the private parts, legs and hands.

“I tried my best, i used my shield and spear, but the male hyena was so huge and did not want to spare me. So i called for help.

“The passing by nomads helped me, they saw me fighting back at the hyena and obviously they noted i was in trouble and needed helped.” He narrated


Nurses and doctors at Kajiado Referral Hospital said that the patient was received with multiple injuries but was admitted and treated and is in a stable condition now.

“He sustained serious injuries and he needs an organ donation so that his private organ can easily work. As at now, he has started recovering well.” Health Oficer said

The hyena was later tracked down and killed by the agitated villagers, who now want the Wildlife Services to start controlling the animals in the area.

Mr. Somoire is now pleading with the government – though the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) – to compensate him for the injuries.

At the same time he asking willing Kenyan who can donate his organ to him at a fee, saying that he cannot survive without it.

“I urge Kenyans to help me in any way they can, i need and organ and will pay back huge sums of money.” He said

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