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Dictator Uhuru Taking Away Our Phones As We Enter Jubilee PG Meeting At KICC – KURIA


Dictator Uhuru Taking Away Our Phones As We Enter Jubilee PG Meeting At KICC – KURIA

Gatundi South Member of parliament Moses Kuria has lamented over how Tangatanga MPs are treated at the entrance of the KICC as they gain entry for the PG meeting.
Kuria has accused Uhuru’s security team for harassing and taking way their phones at their phones at the gate, something they were not told before.
“These security men are taking away my phones, i don’t know why. But they are saying it is order from above and there is nothing they can do about it.” Kuria lamented
Earlier before the meeting Kuria had accused Uhuru of insulting MPs who were not aligned to his ideologies or anyone who is supporting William Ruto.

Taking to social media, Kuria lamented that the tirade of abusers and derogatory remarks would flow freely for everyone at the meeting, regardless of the age or social standing.

“Shenzi! Kumanina! Wajinga! Kama wewe ni mwanaume ongea hapa! Na hauna chochote! These are words we will hear on Monday at the Jubilee PG being said to grandmothers & grandfathers like Hon Kimani Ngunjiri & Hon Jayne Kihara & to 24-year-old Hon John Paul Mwirigi in equal measure” wrote Kuria.

But with their phones now being taken away, Kuria’s fears has now been confirmed and the PG meeting will be hot as and abusive as expected.

“I know when our phones are taken at the gate, Uhuru will be abusive as usual and there is nothing much we are going to talk about.

“We are ready for the insults and i’m sure nothing much is going to happen, but as MPs we won’t seat down and watch him insult us. We won’t accept.” He said

Yesterday a section Deputy President William Ruto’s allies declared they will snub the Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting to be chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta this morning.


MPs Kimani Ngunjiri (Bahati), Oscar Sudi (Kapseret), Caleb Kositany (Soy), Cornelly Serem (Aldai) and Didmus Barasa (Kimilili) said yesterday they would skip the meeting where President Kenyatta is expected to name new committee chairpersons to replace more than a dozen of the DP’s allies ousted last week.

“The president has invited us for a PG meeting tomorrow. In the recent meeting, we expected the president to come and unite us. Instead, he hurled unpalatable remarks at us. As an elder I left the meeting feeling sick,” Ngunjiri said.

“We have not stopped him from doing anything he wants and we are in agreement. Whether it shall be our expulsion from House committees or firing some Cabinet secretaries, we have no problem.”

“We had standing orders at the National Assembly and Senate guiding how leadership and membership of committees was to be done. Unfortunately, the president changed that, making such appointments to be at his discretion,” said Ngunjiri.The legislator said the president should not stop at taking any action against those he feels are likely to jeopardise his administration and in leaving a legacy that he desires.

“Unfortunately the administration has turned to sanitising corrupt leaders who are in favour of the president. This is why we shall not attend the meeting. He has all the powers to make the changes,” Ngunjiri added.He said Uhuru was attempting to adopt the political and economic systems of China, which was not applicable in Kenya’s politics.

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