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Jalangoo Kicked Out Of Milele FM After Failing To Accept 50% Pay Reduction Of His Salary


Jalangoo Kicked Out Of Milele FM After Failing To Accept 50% Pay Reduction Of His Salary

Comedian and Milele FM Radio presenter Jalango has confirmed moving out of Radio Milele after dispute with the Media Max management team.

Jalango broke the news to his fans in his social media handles today evening.

The celebrated radio presenter, said that there are issues that he could not agree with the Media Max Management.

He posted this;

“Today has been a very amazing day and a sad day with everyone at my work Place at Mediamax …Covid hit hard and everyone has to have their belts tight and unfortunately Mediamax has been hit too…I was not at work today because we had not agreed on alot of things and terms and even as we speak my HR had me on hold still discussing terms of employment…Unfortunately we dint agree..So just like today I wont be at work tomorrow or any other day…”He posted

He continued to say that Friday was his last show and thanked everyone who has always supported him all the way.


“In short Last Friday was my last day at Milele Fm and I want to thank everyone who supported me and every fan who was with that to the point we became the most popular and No 1 Radio Station in the country

As he continued, the celebrated comedian laid out what he he will do in the future and even thanked his co host Alex Mwakideu who has always been there for him.

1. I want to thank the Mediamax management for the opportunity they gave me and I will forever be grateful.
2. To my brother @alex_mwakideu you know to my last blood I love you! Keep shinning and being the best
3. To all my colleagues at Mediamax both at Milele , K24 , Kameme , Emoo, Maiyan, and Meru Fm…I’ll forever love you.
3. To my fans and every listener Thank you for tuning in! Like we say
#ItambeMilele…For now let’s meet on YouTube #BongaNaJalas
Love you guys…sometimes you win…sometimes you loose! But in all this dont forget to always focus! Love you guys! He ended

Almost a year after sending home a good number of its employees, Mediamax company is  said to be scheduling another massive retrenchment, this time citing tough economic tides brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a notice spotted by zilizofichwa and which has been issued by the company’s CEO Ken Ngaruiya, the decision to lay off the staffers has been informed by the reduction in earnings since the advent of the corona pandemic.

“The services of some employees will be rendered superfluous thereby necessitating the termination of their employment on account of redundancy,” the statement partly reads.

Those so affected will have a month’s time notice or instead be paid a one-month salary.

The company has been in a tussle with workers seeing both of them meeting in court to resolve some of their burning issues. In April, Mediamax sought to cut pays of the workers due to low revenue flow thanks to the implications of the COVID-19 plague.

The employees could not stand the reduction in their pays seeking legal redress.

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