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Bien: Rich Raila Is In Dubai For Surgery, While Poor Kenyans Don’t Even Have What They Call A Hospital


Bien: Rich Raila Is In Dubai For Surgery, While Poor Kenyans Don’t Even Have What They Call A Hospital

Sauti Sol’s Bien-Aime Baraza has come out to criticize Raila’s decision to seek medical attention in Dubai, while normal Kenyans do not have proper health care.

Bien’s comment rattled a section of his fans on social media after throwing shade at ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

Bien was responding after The family of Raila Odinga  confirmed yesterday that he in Dubai hospital for surgery.

Mr Odinga’s brother, Dr Oburu Oginga, told the Nation that the former prime minister left the country on Sunday for the United Arab Emirates.

“Jakom (Raila) is out of the country for a minor surgical operation on his back. It is not a serious health issue, but just a minor one. So, he’s okay,” Dr Oginga said.

The East African Legislative Assembly member, who is the Odinga family spokesperson, revealed that Mr Odinga, 75, was admitted to a German hospital in Dubai.


Without disclosing the name of the facility, Dr Oginga said:

“The Germans have a good hospital facility in the Arabian country where he’s being monitored.”

The infuriated Bien posted the front cover of Thursday’s Daily Nation newspaper, with his attention captured by two stories on the front page.

“On the blue corner, the rich man is in Dubai for surgery. On the red corner, mwananchi will have to use local hospitals and morgues when Classism meets police brutality. Who’s your money on?” asked Bien on Instagram.

Angry fans were not  pleased with his post and asked Bien to withdraw the post and apologize;

Here Are Some of the reactions

“But you went to SA to shoot your videos and we have producers here? What’s your point? Decry police brutality, poor governance and push for better healthcare, don’t always look for a scapegoat for the poor choices Kenyans make at the ballot,” said ritzkotut.

“I hope one day y’all will start blaming your government for your problems, and stop blaming private citizens aka “rich men” for public problems. The government (aka the president) collects your taxes, not rich men. Hiyo lesson iko Civics form 3,” wrote a.l.v.i.n.

“Bien you miss a point, what did you expect Raila to do with health,,,Raila is an opposition leader mark you! Way back in 2010 baba was treated in Nairobi hospital while holding pm office, where were you and other artist to convince youths all over last election so that they make sound decision about leaders to be elected last election, ndo msishinde wonder you people sit there when election are held but after kura mnaanza kuimba negative about leaders yet you had time to convince them before voting them, hii ni kiki mnatafuta.your mum had a big office deputy cj years back can you come out clean on what she did from that office apart from slapping the worker,,,wacha kutupima bana!” stated vaalade.

“Wachana na baba wewe,” commented kijanayamungu.

“Ati unasema nini kuhusu Baba?…weweeee!” said kipngeno413.

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