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Manyora : Ruto Should Not Play With Fire, Uhuru Now Has The Numbers In Parliament To Send Him Home


Manyora : Ruto Should Not Play With Fire, Uhuru Now Has The Numbers In Parliament To Send Him Home

Political commentator Herman Manyora has said the recent developments in Kenyan’s political arena have shown President Uhuru Kenyatta controls the numbers both in Senate and National Assembly.

Manyora observed that before Uhuru cracked the whip on renegade MPs in Jubilee Party, many thought Deputy President William Ruto was calling the shots in both Houses.

This, however, according to the political analyst, quickly changed when the President sought to rest control of the party in his hands, a move that also showed he was in charge of the ruling party.

With numbers in his favour, Manyora said it had become even easier for the President, through Jubilee MPs, to successfully initiate an impeachment motion against the DP.

“If Uhuru now wants to impeach William Ruto, it will be soo easy since the motion will go through. It has been proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he has the numbers in the Senate and National Assembly. He will simply do it. However, it will be soo damn trying to impeach William Ruto,” Manyora said in his latest edition on YouTube.

In the National Assembly, a section of ODM leaders had hinted at initiating an impeachment motion against the DP accusing him of gross violation of the constitution.


Led by Siaya senator James Orengo, the leaders cited the fake arms deal and the murder of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei; cases where the DP’s name was adversely mentioned.

According to the law, removal of the DP from office is a game of numbers where the mover of such a motion is required to have the support of at least 117 of 349 MPs at the initial stage.

In the Senate, an 11 member committee will be formed to investigate the charges against the DP who will cease being the holder of the office if the claims are substantiated and supported by two thirds; 45 of the 67 senators.

“If the special committee reports that the particulars of any allegation against the deputy president have been substantiated, the Senate shall, after according the deputy president an opportunity to be heard, vote on the impeachment charges,” the law states.

As 2022 politics continue to gather steam in the country, Manyora said the President had moved to consolidate his troops in the central region with the aim of ensuring all MPs “will be facing Mount Kenya” before the next General Election is held. “It is in this light that the President appointed Amos Kimunya to the position of National Assembly majority leader.

The notion that the president needed to find Aden Duale’s replacement from the North-Eastern region never applied here. The only people who can survive outside the handshake are William Ruto, Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagwa and Kikuyu’s Kimani Ichung’wa,” said the University of Nairobi don.

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