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Kwamboka Refuses DNA Tests, Insists Maraga Impregnated Her And Is The Father Of Their Kid


Kwamboka Refuses DNA Tests, Insists Maraga Impregnated Her And Is The Father Of Their Kid

Mary Kwamboka Onyancha, who alleged that they had a aromatic relationship with the CJ but he later left and abandoned her with the Kid has declined to have a DNA test.

Kwamboka who narrated that she met the CJ in 2013 during a church function where they started breeding a romantic relationship, now claims the CJ knows he is the biological father and DNA will of waste of time.

“Why DNA test? Maraga is just a pretender. He knows me well after all. Why waste all the time with DNA? I will decline the test and that is my decision.” She said

According to the woman their romantic relationship, brought forth a child whom the CJ had refused to help in parenting and her attempts to seek legal actions against the top judge had failed.

“I met Maraga in 2013 when we became friends and had an affair. Now, I have a 6-year-old daughter. I have been filing cases every now and then.

He was even summoned by the children’s department and he refused to honour. I just want him to come and take responsibility for the child. I am tired,” she said

Earlier in the day Nominated senator Millicent Omanga  said she is ready to donate KSh 100,000 to a woman who is claiming to have given birth to Chief Justice David Maraga’s baby.

In a tweet on Tuesday, June 30, Omanga promised to pay the woman’s legal fees in court if she proves her claims.

“Dear Kwamboka, I am willing to give KSh 100,000 for legal representation and DNA as long as you privately prove to me the merit of your case, including the existence of the minor and prior contact with the CJ if any. The CJ is a respectable elder and leader well known to all of us. Get in touch,” the senator said.

Maraga on Tuesday said through lawyer Danstan Omari that the birth certificate alleged to be that of his ‘daughter’ is fake.
“We have had a perusal and due diligence of the annextures that have been filed to accompany this.
For those who have access to the birth certificate… there is no registrar known as Shamwata in the whole country nor has there been an officer with the name N.P Otieno,” Omari said.
“This certificate is generated not a document to be relied on.”
Omari said there had been pressure on the Chief Justice to resign before his term ends.
“The CJ is an elder of the SDA Church. The DPP should get to the root of it. We are not worried about the girl but more about who is behind it,” he said.
There has been a push and pull between the Judiciary and the Executive on a number of issues. Last month, Kenyans were treated to high drama between the Judiciary and the Executive.
Maraga washed the dirty linen in public, exposing the goings on between the two arms of government. He first protested the Executive Order by President Uhuru Kenyatta to reorganise government. He claimed the President doesn’t have constitutional powers to institute changes in the Judiciary (Article 132).

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