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Kenyans Dismisses Burale’s ICU Live Video, Says He Is A Conman Making Business


Kenyans Dismisses Burale’s ICU Live Video, Says He Is A Conman Making Business

After narrating his ICU incident and going live to update Kenyans on his status, Kenyans have dismissed Burale saying he is working with the government to advertise COVID-19.

Many argued that no one can be in an ICU with a “kofia” and have all that energy to go live and narrate the incident.

The Popular motivational speaker and pastor spoke  about his experience after he tested positive for coronavirus last week.

In a social media post, the father of one detailed his ongoing journey of healing.

Burale said he waited for the President to give his speech before he put up his post.

THE battle belongs to the Lord …So I waited for the president to give his speech before I put up my post ..Now that…

Posted by Israel Robert Burale on Monday, July 6, 2020

After the president had announced the reopening of Nairobi and Mombasa, Burale went to his social media pages to urge Kenyans to be extra careful.

“Now that the country is opened. I owe it to family, friends and people I love this information. Above all, everything we go through is for God’s glory,” he wrote.

Burale said last week he was struggling to breathe and rushed to Nairobi Hospital where he was tested for Covid-19 and 24 hours later the results were out.

“The doctor walked into the isolation room and she says, ‘Hello Mr Burale your results are out,’ and I reply ‘So I can go home?’ She says, ‘Unfortunately you have tested positive for Covid and we have to now take you to the isolation ward’.”

He was immediately taken to isolation within Nairobi Hospital.

Burale said he was really scared, but was relieved to learn that his daughter was okay and Covid-19 free.

At the isolation room, he was shocked to see old men fighting for their lives.

The motivational speaker said he is responding positively to medication and he hopes that he will walk out of the hospital fine.

“For two days I fought for my life under the great care of the doctors and nurses at Nairobi Hospital… I saw the hand of God… my progress is good… my vitals are responding well,” he said.

“For anyone who thinks this thing is a joke… may the Lord have mercy on you… I gathered courage and called a few people who have tirelessly prayed for me… and sent encouraging messages.”

But just yesterday the polish pastor went in a live video to talk to Kenyans who were not taking the disease seriously.

“I beg you don’t get to a place that you have to buy oxygen. My oxygen levels are getting better. Guys please stay safe god bless you. Pray for one another. Let this be a lesson to kenyans who are just playing around and making fun,’ Burale said while in a hospital bed struggling to breathe.”

Pastor Burale

“If you’re not careful you’ll take these things to your old parents and you’ll put them at risk so guys stay safe. Wacha mimi nipambane na hali yangu but one day i will give the testimony. Nimesema ya kutosha. Mbarikiwe.” He said

But Kenyans doubted Burale and did not waste time time to tell the pastor off!

one said;

“These Robert Burale storiesm LMO! I feel like he might eclipse the greatness we have seen on here from that Equity Bank Girlie and The Trevor Noah Event Promoter..”

Others said that anyone admitted in ICU cannot have the energy to have his cap on.

A woman even blamed him of conning her over Ksh. 250,000.



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