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Abeny Jachiga’s Side Chick Finally Visits His lover’s Grave With Heavy Security, Decline To Hand Over His Wealth As Directed By Elders


Abeny Jachiga’s Side Chick Finally Visits His lover’s Grave With Heavy Security, Decline To Hand Over His Wealth As Directed By Elders

Jessie Akoth Opio, the alleged Abeny Jachiga’s side chick has finally visited him fienacee’s grave in Chiga, Kisumu County.

The lady who made it to the headline after she released serious of photos with the deceased.

The lady appeared to be mourning Abeny as her lover and not a friend, her post which she deleated later drew a lot of backlash.

But after several days, the lady decided to visit her lovers grave with a strong message to those who have been bashing and bullying her online.

Here are some of the images she posted in her social media handle;

After being accused by many Kenyans online for draining the late Abeny’s accounts and enjoying life with him when the  main wife in the village was wallowing in poverty, she released evidence a series of documents indicating that she owned most of the wealth left behind.

Some documents and photos she posted indicated that the late Ohangla musician Abeny Jachiga left all his properties with the side chick with Facebook name as Jessie Nyar Butula.

The woman came out publicly to display all the documents and businesses that they were managing with the late musician, something that left everyone wondering.

Many argued that Abeny’s wife who was at Chiga was seen in a desperate and helpless state with unfinished house, while Abeny was living large with the side chick.

The lady released the car registration certificate showing that the car was registered under her name and no one should claim the car.


Besides the car it is confirmed that both had a wines and spirit together and the lady was seen in a post wailing loud how she will manage all the business alone.

The side chick in one of the condoling posts that she made on Facebook, confirmed that they had several plans together, that included marrying each other and expanding their business territory.

Abeny Jachiga’s side lady confirmed that she has been engaged to Abeny for a very long time despite having a wife back at home.

“You left me without any reason, just like that you forgot our plans and all the love that we shared together…that was not knew you were going to leave me and you didn’t even bother to tell me.” The woman eulogized the late boyfriend

The lady shared over 50 photos where they had good times together and talked authoritatively, dismissing the initial wife saying that Abenny had good times with him and took most of his time with her.

But many social media users who commented on her posts which has since been deleted, dismissed her saying that she has been consuming the late musicians money as the wife is wallowing in poverty.

The woman is seen above seating on her husbands grave condoling together with her two kids.

It is reported that Abeny left an unfinished house back at home and many argued that he could have used the money wisely to finish the building.

In and effort to help Abney’s main wife in Chiga village, several Facebook users are not suggesting to contribute to the widow and at least give her support to support her two children left behind.

One Facebook user urged women not to settle for less when getting married, she urged women to go for the best and ensure that their standards are always maintained.

“Ladies Aka Wives,let’s just be honest…Kama marriage lazima ikufanye hivi afadhali ikae.The woman with two kids Is the late Abenny jachiga’s wife(Belinda)and the other one enjoying life with him is his side chick(Jessie).Abenny is famous Luo ohangla singer who was buried Friday nigh.

Am not going to throw any stone at any side chick,but wives stop being stupid,now the side chick is busy posting pics with the late and she never even attended the burial,alafu wife sasa ndyo amebaki na machungu ya kulea,na emeparara home na watoto.

Wives wake up,stop being idiots mkiangalia tu tittle.Shame on Abenny,malipo ni hapa duniani tu.Kama ni ngumu cheat too,stop sitting at home ukiparara waiting for your cheating hubby to come give you babies na akikufa unabaki bila ata nyumba.NKT!” One Facebook Use Said

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