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VIDEO: “I Left Alcohol And Praying Daily” Babu Owino Releases An Emotional Video Begging Kenyans For Forgiveness


VIDEO: “I Left Alcohol And Praying Daily” Babu Owino Releases An Emotional Video Begging Kenyans For Forgiveness

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has released a video asking Kenyans to forgive him, forget the past since he is a reformed person.

Babu was responding to the backlash he has received from Kenyans in social media after the fatal shooting of DJ Evolve.

He said that ever since the DJ Evolve incident he has been praying with his wife daily and asking God for forgiveness.

“I left alcohol 6 months ago and i pray daily with my wife. She has been there for me and i appreciate the love and everything that she has done to me.” Babu said

Babu Owino has always trended on social media many accusing him of abandoning DJ Evolve and threatening others who would dare talk about the issue out of court.

Many Kenyans on Twitter have seemingly had enough with Owino’s antics and are bashing the MP for his hooligan ways while asking the DCI to make sure that he does not walk. Some are also choosing to make light of the situation by saying the DJ played a song that Babu did not like and he shot him.

Even as the heated debate ensued online, Babu threatened to sue NTV and demanded an apology from the Nation Media Group aired on NTV and ran on the front page of Daily Nation newspaper.

The letter argues that the packaging of the news report was libellous and that it lowered his standards in the eyes of the right-thinking members of society.

It further pointed out that the CCTV footage that was used in the report by NTV was inadmissible in court and that he had taken a plea in regard to the matter.

“We have listened and watched the said story over and over and indeed at no point has the said Felix Orinda said that he was shot by our client.

“In fact, even before your news item, the said Felix Orinda has never ever stated in any form whatsoever that he was shot by our client. The Directorate of Public Prosecutions has further confirmed that in fact, Mr Orinda has never recorded a statement on the matter,” read the letter in part.

Owino further demanded a written apology from the broadcaster.

“Our instructions are to demand from you which hereby do that: You run an appropriate apology in the prime-time news on your television channel (and) you give an appropriate written apology to our client.

“You admit liability for the slanderous libellous statements following which we shall proceed to address you on damages,” added the letter.

Failure to fulfilling the demands, Owino threatened to take the matter to court.


Posted by Babu Owino on Sunday, July 26, 2020

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