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Stop Defending Single Mothers Or We Wont Work Together Anymore- Jalango Threatens To Quit Kiss 100


Stop Defending Single Mothers Or We Wont Work Together Anymore- Jalango Threatens To Quit Kiss 100

Comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o has told off his co-host Kamene Goro for misleading young girls with her relationship advice.

Speaking during their morning show on Kiss 100, Kamene said that she likes to advice ladies not to accept to be half loved, and they should choose to be single instead.

The radio presenter asked young ladies to walk out of relationships where they feel they are not getting all they expect out of it.

This is some I like to tell ladies. It is better for you to be single than to be half loved. I’m seeing way too many ladies getting into relationships and situationships and entanglements where you are getting nothing that you want out of the love situation you expect of your life lakini bado tu uko hapo.

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Msee hashiki simu, this guy can ghost you, he’s literally putting in zero to no effort and you know this is not what you want for your life. Baby girl I want you to walk away from it you are better off being by yourself,” said Kamene Goro.

Jalang’o who did not agree with his co-host’s sentiments told her off, saying she was misleading young girls, and because of that he does not think he will work with her.

The comedian went on to say that he expected Kamene to be a big sister to the young girls, adding that no one comes into a relationship perfect, but they work towards being perfect.


Kamene you know I really don’t think I’ll work with you. Some of these advises you give young girls here. You know the Kamene I envision I want to work with should be the Kamene who is the big sister whose advice goes out to these young girls and they are like wow, big sister has spoken.

If you tell them it’s better to be single than to be half loved, what is half loved? Kamene listen, nobody comes into a relationship full at 100 percent,” said Heavy J Baba.

Jalang’o added that people in relationships should help one another grow, because no one is perfect.

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