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Government Report Indicates Mutula Senior Died Of Natural Causes, His Son Rubbishes The Claims


Government Report Indicates Mutula Senior Died Of Natural Causes, His Son Rubbishes The Claims

An inquest onto the death of former Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo has ruled out foul play seven years after he passed away. Senior resident Magistrate B Bartoo ordered the closure of the matter saying there was no evidence of any cover-up in the death.

A report by Nation showed the ruling was made on Tuesday, September 15, further indicating the case will only be revisited if and only when there is new evidence.

“I hereby order that this inquest in line with section 386 of the criminal procedure code be closed with no further police action unless any new evidence is unearthed,”Bartoo ruled.

“The family of the deceased and indeed many Kenyans treated this death with a lot of suspicions, it is important to note that there was no evidence presented pointing a finger to any individual,” added the magistrate.

The magistrate noted an independent pathologist from the United Kingdom (UK) identified as Ian Galder did not testify or send a report alluding to the alleged interference with the samples. About 15 witnesses among them his employees and family, together with doctors and police officers who rushed into his expansive ranch are reported to have testified in the inquest. The late senator was found dead in his bed at Kwa Kyelu Ranch on April 27, 2013 by his workers.

A government report later revealed that the lawyer died of massive bleeding caused by high blood pressure. But his family, led by his son and current Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior, doubted the theory and claimed cover up into his sudden death. The family especially claimed that there was interference with samples taken for toxicology analysis.

Senator Mutula Junior said he was called to the ranch after a cook identified as Mulwa Mulee, told the ranch manager, Shadrack Mwaniki that the former senator appeared dead. The ODM leader Raila Odinga then organized for the pathologist from the UK and preliminary reports indicated that he died of a substance that had caused much bleeding. At first, the doctors could not agree on the cause of the death.

But in November 2013, the pathologist allegedly sent Mutula Junior a disturbing email concerning samples addressed to two other doctors, who also conducted the exercise. The doctor allegedly said he will not sign his final report unless he received sealed samples. The samples, Junior said, were supposed to be sealed at Nairobi hospital.

He suspected cover-up into his death and also dismissed the report that suggested that the pellets were consumed with Pepsi because his father never consumed carbonated drinks.


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