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VIDEO: Chris Kirubi Says Marriage Is Enslavement, Asks Kenyan Men To Marry Ugandans And Not Kenyan Women


VIDEO: Chris Kirubi Says Marriage Is Enslavement, Asks Kenyan Men To Marry Ugandans And Not Kenyan Women

Billionaire Chris Kirubi is a man admired for his success, power and freedom. The tycoon who loves his alone time admitted he views marriage as a form of enslavement or jail.

The father and businessman added that people needed to be careful when it came to settling down and advised them to be sure of their decisions whenever they considered tying the knot.

“Marriage is enslavement and you need to be careful. You have to agree to go into slavery, to go to a jail,” Kirubi said. The Capital FM owner further told comedian Churchill that once a person made the decision to be a slave for the rest of their life, then they should not give up in the middle of the way.

The billionaire said there was no need of considering divorce if marriage is always the goal. Apparently, anyone who chose to be a slave of marriage should not give up and should teach themselves how to solve any qualms that may pop up. “It is a permanent affair and you are jailed for life,” he added.

As previously reported, Kirubi, who has been in and out of the hospital for some time, said he sought God during his most difficult time and true to his belief, his prayers were answered.

“My cancer was discovered by mistake.” These were the opening words of billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi when he spoke for the first time about his fight against cancer.

Slightly more than a year ago, Kirubi began his day as usual with a flurry of business meetings and retreated to his palatial home in upmarket Kitsuru later that afternoon.

While home in the leafy suburb Kirubu started experiencing fever and he called his doctor who came with a pathologist.

“They took my blood and quickly ran checks only to return to tell me that I was very sick and needed to go with them to the hospital. They rushed me through the Emergency section straight to the High Dependency Ward at Nairobi Hospital. I’m told my eyes were yellow and my fever was shooting through the roof. From there it was a series of tests for the next few days as they observed my situation.

“When they finally finished, they broke the news to me that I had stage two cancer, which was affecting my internal organs including the lungs and kidneys. They said  I needed to fly out of the country urgently for treatment,” the 78-year-old told the Star.

Kirubi then flew to Boston in the US where doctors ran further checks and started treatment.

Here is the video;

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