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(Video) 2 MPs Attacked And Chased Like A Dog By Angry Residents Who Wanted To Strip Them Naked


(Video) 2 MPs Attacked And Chased Like A Dog By Angry Residents Who Wanted To Strip Them Naked

Drama ensued in Isiolo on Saturday, 26 Sep 2020 after angry mourners confronted and chased away two Members of Parliament.

The duo, Isiolo South MP Abdi Koropu Tepo and his Isiolo North counterpart Hassan Hulufo suffered the wrath of the angry mourners after they demanded to address the crowd that had attended the burial of two people who were shot dead a day earlier on Friday, 24 Sep 2020.

The event quickly degenerated into chaos as the crowd accused the lawmakers of doing little to help the situation.

A section of the crowd accused the Isiolo South MP of holding secret meetings with rival communities from the neighbouring county of Garissa, resulting in a series of attacks.about:blank

Shortly after the confrontation, photos surfaced online showing two damaged cars allegedly belonging to the lawmakers.

The mourners recounted that during the Friday attack, armed bandits roughed up their victims who were grazing their livestock before shooting them dead,

“The deceased was accosted at a well where he was grazing, roughed up, beaten and killed on the spot,” recounted one of the residents.

A manhunt has been launched for the armed bandits with authorities keen on restoring peace and security in the area.

Last month, a similar incident in the area left two people dead.

Residents now claim that the series of attacks witnessed in the recent past are part of a plot to push them out of their ancestral land located in the profitable LAPSET corridor.

Tension remained high in the region with residents urging the government to arm police reservists to boost security in the area.

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